An Old School Copywriter Salutes AI Content Generators

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Our world has changed in many respects since way-back-when. Life in general has become difficult in some departments, especially recently, but I’ve found that my livelihood has actually become easier in many ways, certainly in regards to content creation. AI and digital content generation have saved me time and increased my productivity and hence, this old school copywriter salutes AI Content Generators with this short tribute.

My love and passion for writing and the English language began back in Grade 9 with my English teacher reading Shakespeare’s “Othello” in class. This sports and music mad 15 year old found his soul touched and his spirit craving more. I began writing stories, lyrics and poetry (in between sporting events), realizing quickly that I possessed a creativity and flair for the written word. I also became somewhat pedantic about correcting written mistakes of others!

Skipping forward a few decades to the present day, where sport is limited to the armchair variety and music gets turned down and not up. This erstwhile writer, lyricist and poet has dropped the latter two strings to his bow, replacing them with a career in copywriting and content strategy. My love and passion for writing remains, with my longevity in this department owing a lot to technology, and specifically, AI.

As I’ve already said, I’m fundamentally old-school. To begin with, I kept up with technology as a “need” and not as a “want” but my knowledge and appreciation has grown through the years. I own a cell phone but still believe that life was better without them, change the channel when auto-tuned music gets broadcast and protest the use of VAR in football. But I’ve grown to love and respect great AI content generation!

I discovered AI content generation on a day when my creativity had waned and productivity had moved into the slow lane. Google and I were doing what we do when we happened across something called a content generator. I admit there was a time of trial and error before I got the hang of “assisted” writing but my working life ultimately changed for the better. When needed, automated content generation provided a catalyst to creativity and, in so doing, began saving me valuable time.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t sit back and allow AI to do everything for me. As much as the AI content generated is generally excellent from a language perspective, it still tends to lack the human factor — creativity and subtle nuances that make top class “human” writing stand out. They’re lifesavers as a starting point used to generate ideas though.

Are we looking at the future of content generation? Perhaps a decent part of it?

I am now in the fortunate position to be working with the founders of ContentBot, and having daily access to the constant additions and improvements to the product. Being exposed to its ever-increasing number of user-friendly and valuable content blocks I have found my respect for the usefulness of AI generation growing with every addition. The algorithms that ContentBot utilises enable a variety of relevant options like product descriptions, headlines, blog topics, list generation, landing page creation, marketing ideas and many others. One more recent addition is an inline Article Editor, still in beta, which provides options for completing a sentence as you type it, simply by pressing the “Tab” key on your keyboard. Another valuable edition is the long-form Article Explorer which enables you to create a full article of up to 1500 words, providing you with three different sections of text to choose from, and an option to generate alternatives. This feature is also still in the beta testing stage but is an incredible addition to an already-impressive list of AI tools.

Working as a marketing insider at ContentBot might make my enthusiasm come across as biased, but I do urge you to give the product a chance yourself. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful personally and do recommend it to copywriters and bloggers, especially professionals with minimal time on their hands.

AI Content Generators in general are a breath of fresh air to the industry and, although ContentBot, and others like it, probably won’t change your life, they will simplify it… if given the opportunity to do so.



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Warren Potter

Warren Potter

I am a lover of English with a background ranging between journalism, editing, and content writing. As such I have developed an interest in numerous topics.